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Want to know how much you have available to you? We have a coaching aid to help!

Green LED’s = the grip you’re using your potential, and Red LED’s = the remaining available grip cars potential. EASY.

APEX was born out of the desire to simplify and improve the way data is displayed and communicated to the driver.

Apex Pro will simply show the drivers their current vs potential performance.

With the validation from pro racers and coaches, APEX entered the market and has proven to be an effective tool, with the potential to re-shape the way drivers view data.

What To DO:

Mount Apex Pro to your dash in view to see the lights

Download the app, Bluetooth to the device, pick your track and select start, how easy is that?

How about overlaying your laps to find where you can improve, if its under braking, corner speed or exit speed.

No expensive data logging required, and its light and compact

APEX Pro is a tool for competitive drivers. From Track Days and Road Racing to Auto-cross and Hill-Climb, APEX Pro is a digital driving coach that improves lap times while on track and simplifies post-session data review.

The intuitive display shows, at any time, how well you are driving compared to the car’s limit. A proprietary machine-learning model of your car constantly calculates and updates your car’s limit.

APEX Pro’s built-in sensors collect IMU and GPS measurements and construct the model. Our real-time feedback display reduces this complex model into a visual cue that is simple and as clear as shift lights. This makes the feedback easy to understand and use at any speed, day or night.

APEX Pro digital driving coach pairs with your smartphone to enhance the system. It provides accurate lap-times at over 200 official tracks around the world, and even allows for custom track creation.

While on track, precisely filtered data is logged at 10 Hz to the phone. APEX has a suite of tools allowing drivers to review and replay data overlaid on track maps or plotted in many ways. To compare laps with other drivers, simply email or airdrop recorded sessions to fellow drivers or driving instructors.

Drivers can instantly overlay and compare sessions from the same track. While you are out on the track, friends and crew members can watch your driving and lap-times from anywhere in the world using the CrewView social platform (iOS).