JRP 14in1 OLED Digtal Dash + Unit Sensor Package NO EGT

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JRP is back and better than ever!!

The old version was 10in1 this is a 14in1 gauge set.

JRP 14in1 Dash OLED Digital Dash & Base Control Unit with Sensors

OLED DASH Monitors your engines Water Temp, Oil Temp, Boost, Fuel PSI, Oil PIS, EGR, Volts, RPM, Speed & AFR
JRP Multi Gauge Controller with Sensors Package
Kit includes:
1x Multi OLED 10in1 OLED Digital Dash
1x Multi Gauge Base Control Unit
1x Water Temp sensor
1x Oil Temp sensor
1x Boost sensor,
1x Fuel PSI sensor,
1x Oil PSI sensor,
1x Intake Air Temp sensor
Accepts RPM, Speed, AFR Wideband, OBDII, Lamba and 2x Volts

You can:
Customise the display,
Daisy chain another Multi Gauge,
Wide band AFR fuel ratio lean warning,
On-board logging & peak value display,
Sensor calibration & self diagnosis system,
Programmable shift light indicator,
Differential fuel PSI,