INTIMA Performance Brake Pads

AWEIGHRACING.CO.NZ are resellers for INTIMA Performance Brake Pads. The SS, SR and Type-D compounds became available in a select number of vehicle applications providing an affordable high performing alternative to brake pads available off the shelf from your auto store and international brake pad manufacturers.

Today, Intima retains the popular 3 compounds with only the Type-D recently undergoing a revision to a new version 2.0 formula.

The SS compound continues to be the remarkable performance street pad with near zero brake dust, minimal noise and strong stopping power with a price tag of less than $100 for majority of applications.
Aimed at the customer who has a sporty driving style and deserves better performance than off the shelf or OEM products, the SS has and always will continue to surprise with its impressive characteristics.

Intima’s best selling SR compound has only seen one change over the years which was purely cosmetic – a colour change from purple to silver in early 2018, it is still the same favourite formula that all car enthusiasts choose for their performance cars.
The SR rewards the spirited driver who demands high levels of stopping power, controllability and anti-fade without all the noise and dust – these desirable qualities also make the SR suitable for the casual track work.
Ticking all the right boxes makes the SR an exceptional all round performer, it’s no wonder it is the pad of choice when it comes to unlocking and enhancing the performance of your pride and joy.

The original Type-D was a compound with mixed reviews. Praised for its consistent track performance and impressive modulation characteristics, the cold bite and varied durability also disheartened many.
As a result of customer feedback, testing and extensive R&D, in March 2018 version 2.0 of the Type-D compound was released.

It has also lived up to expectations when used in high level events such as the CAMS Supersprint and World Time Attack Challenge.