14mm Top Feed Injector Adaptors for Nissan RB25

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Set of six adaptors to fit 14mm top feed injectors to RB25DE and RB25DET intake manifolds.

The injector adaptors use a Viton o-ring to seal into the Nissan RB25 intake manifold, and have a 14mm bore to suit aftermarket 14mm top feed injectors.

Replacement of the standard side feed injectors with aftermarket top feed injectors is common practice as top feed injectors are available in a wider variety of flow rates and are considerably cheaper.

The six adaptors are CNC machined from billet 6061 aluminium at our factory in Napier, New Zealand, and are available in natural aluminium or a black anodised finish (pictured).

An aftermarket top feed fuel rail is required to be used with these adaptors.

Sold in sets of 6.