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The Alemlube upgraded 41006N manual waste oil extractor is a versatile, portable and lightweight self contained unit ideal
for extracting waste oil from motor vehicles, motor bikes, marine engines, lawn mowers, stationary engines, all terrain
vehicles and can also be used for extracting non-lubricants including salt water (bilge) and water.
With a capacity of 6.5 litres the 41006N is supplied complete with a probe kit to suit various dipstick diameters and lengths
which is now held in a storage tube connected to the unit to collect excess waste oil left in the probe.
Another new feature is that the extracted waste oil will raise the float in the collection tank and automatically stop when the
shut off valve is reached, even if the unit is still under vacuum.
For the utmost convenience, the 41006N manual waste oil extractor can be used when the unit is tilted at any angle,
allowing it to be used in almost any application.
It is essential to ensure that a vehicle is level with the engine having been run for 5 minutes prior to extracting waste oil.
This lowers the oil’s viscosity facilitating fast, easy extraction.
After completing oil or fluid extraction, remove the main suction tube from the extractor and empty used oil or fluid in a safe
and compliant way.
Then press the relief valve button on top of the extractor for approximately 5 seconds to release the vacuum.
Note that the 41006N is not to be used for long term oil storage and if used with salt water, the 41006N must be flushed
with fresh water after use

6.5L capacity
Portable, lightweight and self-contained
Extracts waste oil from motor vehicles, motor bikes, lawn mowers,
Marine engines, stationary engines and all-terrain vehicles
Also suitable for salt water (bilge) and water applications
Complete with 3 probes to suit various dipsticks & applications
Operates at any angle
Automatically prevents fluid overflow or leakage from the tank
Maximum operating temperature of 100ºC
Run an engine for 5 mins. to ensure that oil is warm and lowers viscosity
Flush with fresh water after using salt water
Note: Not to be used for long term oil storage