ARD MAZDA RX7 FC Slotted Rotors - Pair

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Engineered of the highest quality high carbon content hardened cast iron, they are Slotted, Balanced, Hardness and Runout tested.

Specially developed Race Slots- Extra deep slots giving quicker and smoother pad bite and Immediate removal of hot gases, preventing glazing in emergency and High Performance situations giving shorter braking distances and cooler running brakes. No irritating loud clicking noises associated with wide slots and dimple drilled rotors.

Unique thermal cooling grooved - Race track developed producing Shorter braking distances at cooler temperatures.

Advanced Hardened Steel composition produced by heat tempering - A Superior Hardened high Carbon content rotor with High Performance Strength and longer rotor life.

Rotor batches are Rockwell hardness tested - Assuring that each rotor is to our high stringent strength standards giving longer rotor life.

Each rotor is individually checked for runout - Assuring that every rotor produced has no runout, unlike many brand name rotors that are virtually boarder line warped from new.

Directional rotors - Each rotor is specifically directional for maximum out gassing, cooling and shorter braking distances.

Balanced rotors- For a perfect vibration free wheel balance.

Ground pad surface finish -For enhanced initial brake performance producing shorter braking distances during the brake pad bed in period.

*Advanced cooling pillar system design- removing heat away from the brakes to reduce brake fade.