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Dextrose (Glucose Powder) is the simplest and sweetest of the sugars obtained from starch. It is the pure monosaccharides which are sometimes referred to as glucose. 

Brewing: Use dextrose instead of white sugar in either your fermentation or priming your beer when bottling. Dextrose is quicker to dissolve than white sugar, is 100% fermentable and produces cleaner alcohol.

Dextrose is often used for priming sugar or drying out and/or increasing alcohol content of a beer. It is also suitable for winemaking and spirit wash production.

Sports Nutrition: One of the more commonly used sugars in post-workout shakes. Pure Dextrose is an excellent source of energy and can be used with other additives to boost performance or replace energy post workout.

To get the best results we would recommend using 25-30g of Dextrose before exercising. During exercise it is option, but if you are adding it to a beverage we would suggest around 15-20g to be consumed gradually throughout the exercise period. As a post-exercise supplement we would recommend immediately consuming approximately 50-75g of Dextrose.

Food Ingredient: Dextrose has a wide range of applications spanning all segments of the food industry. Examples include: Soft serve ice cream, carbonated beverages, canned and preserved foods, confectionery, sauces, processed meats, instant drink powders, energy bars and bakery products