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Scrub, but make it fine(r)!

Specifically designed for kind faces and robust beards, our 100% natural, Australian-made Face and Beard Scrub works similar to our other products, but features a finer scrub, with added oils to protect and nourish the more sensitive skin of the face.

Choose between our Unscented or Activated Charcoal Scrub. Both are fragrance-free, both are going to leave you and your skin as fresh as a daisy.

Hot Tip: If you are prone to breakouts, we suggest choosing the Activated Charcoal scrub to help unclog pores, draw out dirt and absorb excess oil.

Our Face and Beard Scrub will;
✔️ Prevent shaving rash and ingrown hairs
✔️ Remove dead skin, but remain gentle on sensitive faces

It will not;
Drink the last cold beer

So, what are you waiting for? Say goodbye to pesky shaving rash or ingrown hairs, and hello to dewy, fresh skin. Scrub before you shave and thank us later.

Men Who Scrub is the must-have face shave prep scrub you never knew you needed.