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A highly Concentrated, VOC-free & non-toxic, easy to use glass treatment that permits driving during inclement weather without interior fogging, steaming or misting.

Unique water-activated polymeric composition absorbs moisture and instantly clears the interior of vehicular transparencies.

Race car drivers will be all too aware of the hassle caused by interior fogging of windscreens - and the only way to effectively clear the windscreen is to give it a blast with the demister which can take time to clear and run the risk of losing valuable lap times.

Glass Science has a new answer. Fog Clear is part of the Glass Science range of products, offering racers improved visibility while driving during inclement weather conditions. This highly concentrated, non-toxic and easy to use product permits driving without interior fogging, steaming or misting. Simply apply a small amount onto a cloth or paper towel and apply on the glass, it’s as easy as that.