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Made with high-quality hemp oil, our Hemp Skin Repair will help balance and regulate your skin's oil production. Hemp oil helps to hydrate dry skin, it is also helpful with treating inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and dry skin; it’s an incredibly effective moisturising cream which won’t clog pores.

Hemp Skin Repair will be your go-to moisturiser it's gentle and effective.  You can lather this tub of goodness all over for the ultimate in full-body hydration. It’s the opportunity to wave goodbye to rough, dry skin and feel like a brand-new man. It’s stylish and a product that any man would happily use.

Our Hemp Skin Repair will;
✔️ Soothe dry, cracked or irritated skin
✔️ Restore moisture and balance

It will not;
Tell the same story over and over (and over) again

We don't test on animals and only trial our products on totally rad humans who aren't here to talk bulls#*t claims, bulls#*t ingredients or bulls#*t about your mates. Our Hemp Skin Repair is completely paraben, sulphate and artificial-colour free.

Men Who Scrub is the solution to the dry skin problems you never knew you had.