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We know the drill. Work hard, play hard. We also know what happens when you go a little too hard. Aches and pains for days, along with the sobering realisation that you're not quite the young buck you once were. Enter Men Who Scrub's Magnesium Spray.

Look, it's no secret that we only want the best for our Men Who Scrub legends (yes, we're talking about you, big guy!), so you might be shocked - flabbergasted. Nay, stupefied - to learn that most store-bought sprays contain only 20-30% Magnesium?! "OUTRAGE!", you claim. Yea, us too.

Our Men Who Scrub Magnesium Spray contains a whopping 40% because we care. About you, about your muscles and about making bloody great products!

Our Magnesium Muscle Spray will;
✔️ Help relieve muscle tension, headaches and migraines
✔️ Speed up muscle recovery
✔️ Assist in getting a restful nights sleep

It will not;
Return your car with an empty tank

Use our Magnesium Spray a little more regularly than you change your sheets, to safely increase your Magnesium levels for enhanced recovery, performance and a little less 'ouch' in your work and play.