MOTUL Diesel System Clean 300ml

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Diesel fuel system cleaner
Additive to add to Diesel fuel
MOTUL DIESEL SYSTEM CLEAN is designed to be used in all types of Diesel engine with direct or
indirect injection, naturally aspirated or turbocharged, with or without catalytic converter. MOTUL
DIESEL SYSTEM CLEAN effectively cleans dirtying and clogging which appear in the whole Diesel fuel
system :
· condensation in the fuel system
· gumming in the injection pump
· injector nozzle fouling
· dirtying of combustion chambers and inlet valves
MOTUL DIESEL SYSTEM CLEAN provides a perfect lubrication during cleaning phase and prevents
removed micro-particles from depositing. Moreover, it prevents from Diesel fuel oxidation and microorganisms
A clean fuel system is a necessary condition for an effective engine running. MOTUL DIESEL SYSTEM
CLEAN allows to :
· clean the pump and the injectors (for a better atomisation of Diesel fuel)
· prevent the formation of deposits and varnishes on inlet valves and in combustion chambers
· disperse condensation water in order to avoid any fuel system oxidation
A regular use will provide :
· easier cold starting
· fuel savings
· optimum engine performances
· increased lifetime of fuel system and catalytic converter
· a reduction of exhaust pollutants emissions (smoke, particles…)
Directly pour one can of DIESEL SYSTEM CLEAN in the tank before refuelling, regularly, depending on
the use (shorten intervals in urban use). The fuel system will be then completely cleaned, from the tank
to the combustion chamber. A can is sufficient for tanks up to 60 litres. For bigger tanks, the
recommended mixing ratio of Diesel System Clean is 0.50% (200:1). Do not exceed the recommended
proportion. If necessary, proceed to 2 successive treatments.
Curative treatment : use the product pure by plugging on the fuel system with the adaptation kit.