SPARTAN 3 Lite Dual Wideband JRP Gauge Kit 52mm & 02 Sensors

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Kit Includes:
1x JRP Dual reading Gauge
2x Bosch LSU 4.9 Sensors
2x Spartan 3 Wide Band Controller

Spartan 3 Lite wideband controllers, here we have our dual wideband gauge kit made up of two Spartan 3 Lite controllers, our JRP 52mm LED dual air fuel ratio wideband gauge, and two oxygen sensors.

The Spartan 3 Lite is the very latest wideband controller made by 14poiint7, they were released in 2021 and have had significant improvements to their design and performance.

8x quicker than their previous models the Spartan 2, and all units are now driven and controlled by a powerful ARM Cortex M4 microcontroller.

The JRP 52mm LED dual air fuel ratio gauges included with this kit are nice and simple to read, they have a scale of 10 to 20 AFR, each input is clearly marked as A & B, the blue LEDs are bright enough to see clearly during the day and won’t blind you at night. These are without a doubt the best value dual wideband gauge packages around, but do not let the price fool you, these are an extremely tough, accurate and reliable dual wideband gauge solution.