Spartan 3D Lite Diesel Wideband Controller & Bosch 4.9 Oxygen Sensor

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If you are new to using a wideband on your Diesel motor, firstly using air fuel ratios for tuning on a Diesel is a much better way of going about it than just using just EGT alone.

The combination of using AFR and EGT is going to give you the best possible tools to making sure your diesel motor is tuned to it’s optimum potential.

For a wideband to be used for Diesel tuning, the wideband itself needs to be slightly different to those intended for petrol vehicles.

Most wideband products on the market are designed for Petrol applications, and with that they only support a narrow range of 10-20 AFR, this is where the Spartan 3D Lite is different, these little controllers are built to give a wider range readout of 10-40 AFR which is perfect for Diesels.

In most situations the ranges Diesel customers will be looking for under various conditions such as idle, cruise & full load will be between 18 to 26 AFR and so a normal wideband with it’s 10-20 AFR just won’t suffice.