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The Tradie's Scrub is skincare, but on the DL (that's short for "down low" for those of you playing at home).

We know that ordinary soap doesn't always do the trick when it comes to removing dirt and grime after a hard day at work. So we specifically designed The Tradie's Scrub for the man (or lady) who spends their day, quite literally, getting their hands dirty.

Using natural Australian ingredients, The Tradie's Scrub has all the benefits of our best selling Body Scrub, but is free from added fragrance. The subtle scents of coconut oil and sugar are left to shine through and help strip away the day. 

Our Tradie's Scrub will;
✔️ Is powerful on dirt, grime and concrete
✔️ Remove dead skin, help with blemishes and scaring

It will not;
"Borrow" your tools and forget to return them

With half a kilo of The Tradie's Scrub, your skin will feel deeply cleansed and nourished after every use. Men Who Scrub is the skin solution you never knew you needed.