VR38 Coil Kit for Mazda 13B Rotary Engines

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Coil conversion kit manufactured by Franklin Performance to fit modern high power Nissan VR38 coils to Mazda Series 6 & Series 5 13B engines.

Two genuine Hitachi VR38 Coils are provided. These coils haveare provento supportin excess of 1000HP.

The kit features CNC machined billet aluminium components and our custom short coil stalks. The Hitachi coils feature an in-built ignitor, so no external ignitor is required.The kit is supplied with two coil plug connectors.

The factory knock sensor mounting hole is used to mount the coil bracket, so we include an offset spacer to relocate the knock sensor & a plain spacer if not required. Please check that your rotor housings have the required M10x1.25 knock sensor mounting hole before purchasing.

Sold per rotor, a 13B engine will require two coil kits.

All components are CNC machined from quality materials at our factory in Napier, New Zealand. The brackets themselves are made from billet 6061 aluminum and anodised in a range of colours for corrosion resistance and great looks.