ZAMP Helmet Communication Kit - 4 & 3.5 Plug and Speakers

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The Zamp Helmet Communication Kit – 4 Channel is a revolutionary product that allows you to configure your communication up to multiple different styles of communication systems, including IMSA, Stilo/TrackCom, Peltor/Sparco, and Off-road style.

Our kit includes everything needed to set up communications inside your helmet, including hardware.

  • High Quality Nexus Plug Inline 4 channel
  • Noise Cancelling Boom Mic
  • Female 3.5mm Plug Use your ear buds or speakers easily
  • Quick Connectors No soldier needed, includes shrink tubing
  • Included Installation Accessories for Easy Install, includes claps for both plugs

*Please note that with this product, assembly is required.


The Zamp 3.5 Plug and Speakers set allows you to run one-way or two-way communication in your favorite helmet. Easy to install and set up, these speakers attach inside the helmet for easy installation and use.

  • High Quality Speaker 28mm diameter
  • 5mm Stereo Plug works for one-way receivers or two-way communication systems
  • Velcro Pouches included for easy installation of any helmet
  • Small Footprint allows them to be mounted inside earcups

Our speakers are designed to use minimal wiring and make a clean and easy installation. 10” of wire from speaker to plug, 23” of wire from speaker to speaker