JRP Edge Digital Boost Gauge Kit 30 PSI 52mm

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52mm Edge 30PSI Digital Boost Gauge
52mm Gauge Pod
U-Bracket Pillar Mounting Kit
3-Wire MAP / Boost Sensor 3-Bar
1.5M Power Cable
1M Remote Button Controller
20cm Power Link Cable
30cm Vacuum Hose
Plastic T-Piece

The JRP Edge 52mm digital boost gauge support a 30inhg to 30 PSI readout, with a numeric reading in the centre and an outer ring scale for two ways to read your turbo or supercharged vehicles boost & vacuum levels.

30psi digital LCD boost gauges some with a 3-wire map sensor, these types of sensors use a 0-5v signal to deliver the boost reading from the sensor back to the gauge and are also filtered.

They are an accurate and reliable sensor with an extremely fast response rate, no lag found here

Boost Readout 30inhg to 30 PSI
Configurable Warning
Peak Value Recoding
10-Colour Selectable LCD
3 Selectable opening & Closing Ceremonies
Three Boost Scale Type Selections
Boost Sensor Calibration
Day & Night Brightness Settings