JRP Edge Digital EGT Gauge Kit 52mm 0-1000c

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EGT Readout 0-1000C
Volts Readout
Configurable Warnings For EGT & Volts
Peak Values For EGT & Volts
10-Colour Selectable LCD
3 Selectable Opening & Closing Ceremonies
Display Modes / EGT Only / EGT + Volts
3 EGT Outer Ring Scaling Type Selections
Day & Night Brightness Settings

10-coluor LCD panel which look simply stunning,
These little EGT gauges can also measure and monitor volts on your vehicle, it’s possible to setup a warning if voltage levels drop and have the gauges alert you as well, so in reality these gauges are more like a 2in1 than just a standalone EGT gauge.
There is an external button controller to switch the gauges from displaying just EGT readings on both the numeric and outer scale readout, to displaying both volts as numeric in the centre of the gauge and EGT on the outer scale if you wish to check what volts is doing.

52mm Edge Digital EGT Gauge
52mm Gauge Pod
U-Bracket Pillar Mounting Kit
3M 1/8 NPT Multi-Core EGT Sensor
1M Remote Button Controller
1.5M Power Cable
20cm Power Link Cable