JRP Edge Digital Oil Pressure Gauge Kit 150 PSI 52mm

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Oil Pressure Readout 0-150 PSI
Numeric & Scale Type Readout Displays
Configurable Warning
Peak Value Recoding
10-Colour Selectable LCD
3 Selectable opening & Closing Ceremonies
3 Outer Scale Display Type Selections
Day & Night Brightness Settings

52mm Edge Digital Oil Pressure Gauge
2.5M 3-Wire 1/8 NPT Oil Pressure Sensor
52mm Gauge Pod
U-Bracket Pillar Mounting Kit
1.5M Power Cable
1M Remote Button Controller
20cm Power Link Cable

The JRP Edge 52mm digital oil pressure gauge kit is a terrific little package for keeping a close eye on your engines oil pressures, be it for petrol or diesel, these gauges will actively keep watch over your engine and if pressures get to low they will alert you with the built in warning. The gauges have a readout range of 0 to 150psi, they have a digital numeric readout in the centre of the gauges, and a handy scale type readout the surrounds the outside of the gauge for two ways to view the reading. The gauges come with a high quality 3-wire 0-5v oil pressure sensor which are more accurate than older style VDO type pressure sensors. If you are looking for a quality aftermarket gauge to keep an eye on your engines oil pressures, then the Edge 52mm digital oil pressure gauges are a great option. The gauges can of course have warnings set, the LCD screens have a selection of 10-colours to choose from, come with a gauge pod for mounting or also a pillar pod installation kit.

Keeping an eye on your car engines oil pressure is of particular interest for those with performance cars that are used on the track, while keeping watch on water temps and oil temps are also important, what oil pressure can help you know is when exactly your oil has reached a temperature when it’s starting to thin out and looses it’s ability to lubricate your bearings sufficiently. There can be a fine line between when oil is working like oil and when oil pretty much turns to water and you run the risk of engine damage, while oil temps are a good first indicator, it’s really when oil pressure starts to drop that you need to pay attention. Every brand of oil can be different, some may thin out at 120c, but others might be able to push to 135c without loosing their viscosity. So again this is why having an oil pressure gauge and keeping an eye on things can be very handy, as along with oil temp you can work out which is the best oil for your vehicle and keep a close eye on things.