JRP EGT Exhaust Gas Temp Sensor

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JRP EGT v2 3MM Exhaust Gas Temp Sensor 3M 1/8 NPT

1x EGT Exhaust Gas Sensor
1x Extra cable

JRP EGT v2 probe & cable, these are the exhaust gas temperature sensors They are made from 3030 stainless steel, have a 3mm probe, shielded induction points, use high quality 18 AWG multi core wire and come with a Deutsch plug connection on the end of the probe for easy disconnection from the supplied cable if they ever need replacing.

These can be used with any of our EGT gauge products as a replacement if required, or If you are looking for a quality exhaust gas temperature sensor for your aftermarket ECU or datalogger setup, the good old JRP EGT v2 is a great option, they are cost effective, have been in the market for over 3-years and proven to be great EGT sensors. These models can be especially appealing to those who are doing 4x, 6x or 8x EGT setups as the cost of the v2’s when using that many sensors is pretty reasonable.

JRP EGT V3 4MM Exhaust Gas Temp Sensor 3M 1/8 NPT

JRP SS EGT v3 probe & cable.

For customers of our gauge products that would like to upgrade from the v2 sensors supplied with gauges bought in the past, these latest JRP EGT v3 will plug right into any of our gauge products that use EGT, such as the 14in1 multi gauge or the Edge 52mm range as well.

The JRP EGT v3 sensors have had improvements made to their design in a few important areas,
2520 stainless steel probe body and increased the thickness of the probe itself from 3mm to 4mm which will better protect the induction point inside the probe for better durability and longevity.

The probe design itself has also been improved, it now tapers down from the top to tip. Just like the v2 EGT sensors the v3 is using multi-core wire, one of the major killers of cheaper EGT sensors supplied with a lot of aftermarket gauges out there is them using single core wire, the JRP EGT v3 probe is using 16 AWG high quality multi core wire from the induction point back to the Deutsch connector.