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These 3-wire Oil & Fuel pressure sensors would be the most popular sensor that we sell by themselves for people wanting pressure sensors to run into their aftermarket ECU's.

They are rated from 0 - 145 PSI and come with a 1/8 NPT thread and 2.5m wiring loom with a plug for the sensor.

With a lot of the newer ECU's allowing things like fuel pressure ad oil pressure inputs, more people are connecting them to their ECU's for engine protection and also logging etc.

Our Oil, Fuel pressure sensors are all high quality 3-wires sensors, 3-wire pressure sensors offer greater accuracy over two wire pressure sensors due to inherent design characteristics.

Three wire sensors are also linear and more repeatable making the choice for high accuracy measurement
One wire for 5v power, other for ground and the other is the sensor signal wire.

These are a great high quality 3-wire oil fuel pressure sensor without a very high price tag.