MOTUL 800 2T Premix 4L

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Racing Lubricant for Rotary Engines
Premix Racing Engines
100% Synthetic – Ester Core Technology
Formula used with rotary engines by race teams.
Suitable with standard and unleaded gasoline up to 124 octane.
All racing rotary engines, high performance and using premix: Racing, Performance and Street
For oil injector systems, use MOTUL 710 2T.
STANDARD Above all Standards
For decades MOTUL has developed high performance synthetic Ester based lubricants.
By selecting esters over other high performance synthetic base stocks and combining them with an innovative additive package, MOTUL has created a perfect synergy.
This most advanced E Technology allows maximum power output of the engine without
compromising reliability and wear.
Very high lubricating properties which decrease friction and wear.
Improved formulation: Reinforced desemulsion properties: prevents carburettor throttle from sticking and provides a perfect lubrication under wet conditions.
Keeps engines apex seals always well lubricated.
Prevents apex seals from sticking.
Red coloured: can be easily detected in fuel.