MOTUL MoCool 500ml

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Top engine cooling additive
Reduce engine temperature by 15°C (30°F)
Outstanding thermal exchange
Concentrated cooling fluid
Any cooling system of bikes, cars, ATVs… when overheating is observed or in racing conditions to
decrease engine operating temperature.
- Some racing regulation do not allow anything else than pure water, if any doubt, check with race
official organisation before using MoCool. MOTUL company cannot be involved in case of race
disqualification while using MoCool inappropriately.
- MoCool does not provide any antifreeze protection.
Engines run cooler by 15°C (30°F) : Improves thermal exchange and engine cooling system
Cooling system optimal protection against corrosion.
Recommended for magnesium, aluminium alloys cases, cast iron, copper, brass and bronze systems.
Water pump protection, avoid cavitation
Anti-corrosion properties that remain while high temperature and ageing. Low corrosion inhibitors
Seals, rubber pipes, and plastics parts friendly.
MOTUL MoCool is a concentrated cooling fluid that may be mixed with distillated water for immediate
use as a coolant.
Mix with water at 5% (20:1).
Do not use pure product.
Can be mixed with most coolants monoethyleneglycol based.